DataZoo care home marketing maps document the specific opportunities and threats in the unique geo-demographic setting of the individual care home. These maps provide a wealth of detail exploring the target potential, competitor status and strength at both overview and micro-targeting levels. Designed to facilitate focused and effective marketing they are indispensable to any home that seeks to gain a competitive edge while promoting their brand, raising awareness and improving occupancy.

Overview maps explore key population and property statistics in the area around the home. Age, home ownership, estimated average house prices, classic demographic groups and the locations of all care homes, doctors' surgeries, dentists and hospitals within a five mile radius. One hundred and seventy five of these maps are provided, giving a comprehensive library tailored to the individual home.

Care homes may have unique targeting requirements. With the maps we also provide a spreadsheet of target suitability to match your requirements. We divide the area around your home into micro units of about 300 homes each, and list each postcode within the five mile radius with the target potential for that postcode, together with a link to a targeting datasheet for that micro unit. On each datasheet we show mapping, targeting and care home data, highlighting nearby care homes including up to date CQC ratings and scores. These datasheets provide an unparalleled strategic overview that not only gives you the opportunity to target privately funded residents effectively, but also shows the competition you face in each key area allowing you to adapt your micro-marketing strategy accordingly. Datasheets also show any nearby dentists and doctors' surgeries to highlight potential marketing opportunities.